Painting a Fireplace

We`ve all seen them, the fireplaces with the red brick facades.

Although my house was built in the 30`s someone treated it to this lovely addition sometime around the 50`s. Unfortunately I don`t appreciate it as much as they must have.

Even more unfortunately I don`t have the money (or time) at the moment to completely re-tile it. What`s a girl to do? Bring out the trusty paint pail of course. Click through to check out the temporary (but satisfying) solution.


I like to paint things. Instant gratification on a brush.

It changes this:

To this:

And this:

Into this:

The magic even works on substantial pieces like a fireplace.

Off came that decrepit gold screen. And after a couple of hours of cleaning out all the ash and scrubbing down the brick on went the primer.

After two coats of primer, applied with a rough texture roller I started painting.

Once it was painted out the same colour as the wall it no longer dominated the teeny tiny room.

 Makes for a nice backdrop too.

Good for pregnant belly pictures.

Ideal for displaying the hand knit stockings I bought off Etsy

And the picture perfect fire for the baby to belt out a Christmas tune in front of. My sister kindly let me know this outfit made the baby look like a boy. I happen to have an affinity for sock monkeys. There was one in her stocking from Santa so I thought it was appropriate, gender neutrality be damned.

But I’m ready to move on from the white painted brick fireplace. The husband came home the other day to find me drilling a hole through the masonry. I was holding a very small hope that I just *might* find some original tile or such underneath the brick that had been laid down in the 50s. No such luck, just more brick. Of the older, more hand-made type, but still brick.

So next up in the evolution of the fireplace, we’ll be taking off the mantel (which I love dearly, but it has to go) and knocking back the profile of the fireplace by taking off the brick facade. That’ll have the added bonus of bringing the bottom portion flush to the top. I intend on tiling all the way to the ceiling and adding a proper hearth. I’ve got something like the bathroom back splash in mind.

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