Meet Amy: the French Country Dining Table

My heart goes pitter-patter whenever I see an example of the rustic elegance that is the french country look.

I’ve kept my eye out for a harvest table or a similar dining table but the huge price tag makes it far out of my budget. 

Then I found the perfect piece to re-make into my ideal table.

It’s a easy, simple process that any one can do. If you have an eye for that french country look click through to find out how you can bring it into your home on a budget.


I’ve recently began a collection of mismatched dining chairs. Actually in all honestly I should say that I’ve recently changed my constantly altering dining set to mismatched chairs. I have two really bad addictions when it comes to furniture; all chairs in general, and dining tables and chairs as a set.

I’ve gone through about 5 different styles of dining sets in the past few years. Everything from the big box stores bland matching table and chairs to a tulip table look-a-like paired with shield back chairs. Most have been re-homed, but I did keep the base of the tulip-ish table. The top was peeling veneer… it didn’t need to stay.

My current (and hopefully lasting) choice is inspired by the french country look like this:

Only I was wanting a little less of that ‘put together’ look. Love the distressed details though.

The husband, who has been very good with humoring my rotation of dining furniture, was all on board with the idea of having mismatched chairs. We thought it’d be a fun thing to grow up with for the children (we’ve only got the one at the moment, but you know… future plans). Also I liked that, especially living in our small house, we can place chairs we don’t need everyday around the house for other uses. They can stand alone because they all have their own character.

Really this is all an ideal, right now our collection sits at 3. Actually four if you count my Vienna Ice Cream Parlor chair that I haven’t built a seat for yet.

So this brings us to Amy. I found Amy (like almost everything else) on Kijiji. She was a modest $40. Waaaay lower than any similar piece I’d seen around.

*Please**Please* *Please* ignore the mess. I'd like to pull the 'new mother' card as an excuse... but really I was just too lazy to tidy everything out of the way for the picture.

She had the bones I wanted. Actually she was more than I was hoping for. The turned legs are the perfect balance between detail and simplicity. All Amy needed was a little makeover.

Any excuse to get out the paint.

So here is the process of transforming a regular old country table into the table of my (most recent) dreams. These are simple steps, basic furniture re-do kind of thing, I’m disproportionately please with the results.

I used a homemade beeswax furniture polish for this. I wanted some kind of finish, but nothing shiny, and I try and keep things as green as possible (all my paint is no voc and one day I’m hoping to make my way into the milk paint world.) That and I happened to have all the ingredients on hand, recipe from here.

I love the finish it gave, almost like a pearl luster.

Oh and here’s a shot of the baby, looking up at me asking ‘mummy why are you neglecting me and painting a table instead of changing me out of this dirty sleeper?’ Because kiddo, sometimes your priorities are skewed, and that’s just how life is. Notice my own pajama clad leg in the corner?

I’ll do a full reveal of our lovely Amy in all her double duty glory soon. I might even tidy up for this.

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