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Meet Amy: the French Country Dining Table

My heart goes pitter-patter whenever I see an example of the rustic elegance that is the french country look.

I’ve kept my eye out for a harvest table or a similar dining table but the huge price tag makes it far out of my budget. 

Then I found the perfect piece to re-make into my ideal table.

It’s a easy, simple process that any one can do. If you have an eye for that french country look click through to find out how you can bring it into your home on a budget.

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How to Make a $200 back splash for $30

The ledgestone look is everywhere now.

It’s rustic and full of texture.

I love the contrast it gives to the smoother more refined finishes in most bathrooms.

I don’t like the price tag that comes with it.

Here’s how we got the look for our bathroom back splash for a price tag any budget can afford.

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Stripes for the Hovel

Basements are notoriously unappealing.

The lack of height in ours isn’t helping any.

But we put in a little effort and painted out the floors in some fun stripes, and were actually surprised by what a difference they made.

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House Tour: Part Two

The second half of the original or ‘before’  house tour.

Really with only 590 square feet who would think it needs two parts?

Click on through to check out the ‘before’ living room, bedrooms, bathroom and basement.

Plus a few ‘during’ shots to show that things really do get better.

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House Tour: Part One

Here is the house in all of its original glory.

Dated walls, floors, counters, cupboards, bathtubs, and paint.

But there is potential there, I swear it.

You just have to look under all the other layers… lots and lots of layers.

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