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Painting a Fireplace

We`ve all seen them, the fireplaces with the red brick facades.

Although my house was built in the 30`s someone treated it to this lovely addition sometime around the 50`s. Unfortunately I don`t appreciate it as much as they must have.

Even more unfortunately I don`t have the money (or time) at the moment to completely re-tile it. What`s a girl to do? Bring out the trusty paint pail of course. Click through to check out the temporary (but satisfying) solution.

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How to Make a $200 back splash for $30

The ledgestone look is everywhere now.

It’s rustic and full of texture.

I love the contrast it gives to the smoother more refined finishes in most bathrooms.

I don’t like the price tag that comes with it.

Here’s how we got the look for our bathroom back splash for a price tag any budget can afford.

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